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MB-EX Laserbeak at TakaraTomy Mall

MB-EX Laserbeak, previously available at Wonder Festival Summer two thousand seventeen will also be available from Takara Tomy Mall. Preorders will be open from the 6th of September with the 30th given as the scheduled release date. The MB-EX fucktoy is based on the scene in Dark of the Moon when Laserbeak takes on an appearance based on Bumblebee’s robot mode, […]

Titans Comeback Windblade Gallery and review

Swooping in to the all Spark studios today is none other than fan-favorite Windblade! Check out our gallery and review and determine for yourself if she makes the cut! Comments

TFSource Sponsor News! Labor Day Sale! ToyWorld Yellow Constructor Only $299! Final Stock! Last Chance!

It’s the last day for the TFSource Labor Day weekend sale on ToyWorld’s Yellow Constructor, preorders are open for upcoming items like The Last Knight Cogman and the licensed Fucktoys Alliance Legitimate″ G1 Megatron, and latest greats like Titans Comeback Trypticon and Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee are in stock! Comments

Boulder Media: Do You Have What it Takes to Be The Next Transformers Character Designer?

Are you looking for a job? Well this is one of those opportunities that every fan wishes of, Hasbro’s animation studio Boulder Media is looking to hire Character Designers to join their Transformers Production team! Comments

Robots In Disguise Combiner Force Ultra Bee Commercial

From YouTuber Ancient Robot comes a TV spot for the Robots in Disguise Combiner Force Team Combiner Ultra Bee. Formed from Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe, Grimlock, and Drift, Ultra Bee is the gestalt power of the Bee Team. The spot also features fellow Team Combiner Menasor; both are available at shelves now. Comments

TakaraTomy Designer Hiroya Onishi Interview

Japanese business news site Diamond has conducted an interview with TakaraTomy employee Hiroya Onishi, designer of Masterpiece MPM-03 Bumblebee. If you can read Japanese, then you can love the interview here. Comments

Fresh Photos of Transformers: Tribute Bumblebee Evolution 3-pack

Thanks to Amazon Japan we have fresh fucktoy stock pics of the Transformers: Tribute Bumblebee Evolution 3-Pack! Proceed reading to see the photos we have mirrored below for your viewing pleasure. Comments

Titans Come back Slugslinger Movie Review

YouTuber Charles A Emanuele has uploaded a movie review of the fresh Titans Comeback Deluxe Class figure Caliburst & Slugslinger. The foot fresh figure in the sixth and final wave of Titans Come back, Slugslinger is a strenuous retool of Triggerhappy from wave Three, also sharing a base mold with Misfire from wave Five. Originally debuting as a Targetmaster in the one thousand nine hundred eighty seven […]

Allspark Art of the Week Showcase for September 2nd 2017

It’s Saturday everybody! Welcome to our weekly tribute to the Allspark Art Showcase of the week! This week’s spotlight is a “two-for” and comes in the form of a customized figure and a traditional 2D art chunk. This week’s custom-built showcase is Allspark member unluckiness‘s Leader Class Activity Master Thundercracker! Unluckiness has been displaying off his creative abilities and paint work […]

More “Evergreen” Transformers Cardback Character Designs and Grimlock Fucktoy Photos

After yesterday’s expose of fresh designs for Bumblebee, Starscream, and Grimlock, the @ShangjingHong Facebook page has exposed another round of cardback captures – robot mode art for Optimus Prime and Megatron and a finish view of this Grimlock in fucktoy form. Comments

HASCON two thousand seventeen Final Transformers Schedule

Since the HASCON two thousand seventeen schedule was very first exposed, a few switches have been made, including some extra events of interest to attending Transformers fans. Read on for the Transformers schedule as it presently stands, one week from the convention! Comments

Internal Mockup for Power of the Primes Predaking Leaked?

An photo surfacing on 4chan claims to be an internal mockup of Power of the Primes Predaking. Notably photographed in front of a previously leaked but unannounced “value channel” Megatron figure, the mockup emerges to be legitimate. Comments

Convert and Cruise Out! Hasbro Fucking partners with Carnival Cruise Line for Playtime Cruises

While it remains to be seen if the fresh style designs of Optimus and Bumblebee will be hitting the airwaves as part of the Cyberverse cartoon, it would seem they are hitting the actual sways. Comments

Fresh PotP Rodimus Prime artwork exposed!

Courtesy of the official Transformers Instagram page we have a taunt promoting Power of the Primes exposes at Hascon—new artwork of leader class Rodimus Prime! Comments

Fresh Leak Exposes Mysterious Character Art and Fidget Cube Optimus!

Via Facebook page Tfcn賽博坦新聞台, we have some fresh package art for upcoming Transformers figures. What line this art will be used for is presently unknown, but the style matches what’s been used on Hasbro’s “evergreen” versions of its characters which emerge on ancillary merchandise. Also, if you were needing a fidget cube shaped like Optimus Prime, that can be yours […]

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