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How Hardware-as-a-Service will save IoT

Here’s the dirty little secret about the Internet of Things: The things might not work, and you might not use them. As a consumer, many of your gadgets will collect dust tucked away in a drawer. As a business, many of your devices will not perform as well as expected, turning into maintenance-heavy money pits. Read More

Life, by subscription

The American desire is no longer for sale – but it is for rent. We are leisurely going through a subtle shift in how the economy is possessed and operated, with massive implications. On an average day, you may wake up, shower, dress, drive to work and comeback home. But the way you do it is switching: Where once you would own the car, the house and the clothes, you now have the option to live life… Read More

Zipcar Buys Fleet Management Startup Local Movement

Car Rental Startup Zoomcar Raises $8 Million To Democratize Transportation In India

Following on from Socar, Korea’s response to ZipCar, which raised $Eighteen million earlier this month, another car rental startup in Asia is in the money today. India-based Zoomcar has added $8 million to its coffers with a funding round led by Sequoia Capital. Read More

Zipcar Adds A Fresh No-Fee Membership Option In Canada, But Boundaries Driving To Weekdays

Hot on the high-heeled slippers of an acquisition by Avis announced earlier this week, Zipcar will be piloting a no-fee membership option beginning today in Toronto and Vancouver. The fresh ‘Access Plan’ pilot project carries no annual driving fee, like its existing ‘Extra Value’ membership plan, but doesn’t require the Extra Value plan’s minimum of $50 in driving per month. Read More

Not So Swift: Avis’ Proposed $500M Zipcar Buy Being Investigated For Short-Changing Shareholders

Earlier today the sharing economy startup world was abruptly awoken from its holiday slumber with the news that car rental giant Avis would buy car-sharing company Zipcar for $500 million. No sooner had the news gotten out, tho’, that some shareholders in Zipcar have cried foul. The securities litigation stiff of Powers Taylor, along with Willie Briscoe, the ex-U.S. SEC attorney, today… Read More

Zipcar CEO Details In-Car Assistant, Personalized Deals And Member Onboarding For Mobile App

At the CTIA MobileCon keynote today, Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith took the stage to talk about the effect mobile technology is having on transportation. In the course of his talk, he also detailed the way that Zipcar has shifted from being a web-based business to being an overwhelmingly mobile concern, and what fresh switches were on the way for its app and mobile services. Read More

With Competition Looming, Zipcar’s Q2 two thousand twelve Revenue And Earnings Disappoint

Zipcar is observing enlargened competition in the car-sharing market, which is one reason that it might not be growing as quickly as it, or analysts, like. Zipcar reported second-quarter loss of $422,000 today, or $0.01 a share, compared to a net loss of $Five.6 million, or $0.17 a share, in the prior year’s 2nd quarter. The earnings came on revenues of $70.8 million, which is up fifteen percent… Read More

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China’s Central Bank Puts a Ban on ICOs | Crunch Report

Hail A Fellow Human, Not A Taxi With “SideCar” – The Fresh P2P Uber

You need a rail, someone else has a car and could use the cash, SideCar is the app that will bring you together. Fresh instant peer-to-peer rideshare-finding app SideCar turns anyone into a taxi / Uber driver, and it’s supposedly legal because you technically volunteer to pay at the end. Today it emerges from beta for iOS and Android in its very first city, San Francisco. Punch in your location… Read More

Strategic Sharing: Zipcar Leads $13.7M Investment In Campus Car-Sharing Startup Wheelz

Well, you have to forearm it to the strategy team over at Zipcar. Arguably the largest on-demand car-sharing network, Zipcar went public last year and not long after witnessed its market cap cross $1 billion. It’s since fallen back, and with collaborative consumption and the market for car-sharing heating up, the big players have to make moves. Zipcar has since forged a partnership with Ford… Read More

Zipcar acquires controlling stake in Spain’s largest car sharing operator

Car sharing network operator Zipcar this morning announced the exercise of its option to purchase a majority ownership interest in Barcelona-based Catalunya Carsharing, better known as Avancar, after investing in the company almost exactly two years ago. In fact, the option had been extended for an extra year after Zipcar determined last year it wouldn’t yet exercise it, opting instead to… Read More

Zipcar Acquires Controlling Stake In Spain’s Largest Car Sharing Operator

Car sharing network operator Zipcar this morning announced the exercise of its option to purchase a majority ownership interest in Barcelona-based Catalunya Carsharing, better known as Avancar, after investing in the company almost exactly two years ago. In fact, the option had been extended for an extra year after Zipcar determined last year it wouldn’t yet exercise it, opting instead to… Read More

Zipcar Members Can Now Reserve A Car On Facebook

Car sharing network company Zipcar this morning announced the release of a Facebook application that permits its members to ‘reserve their wheels’ on the popular social networking site without having to leave it. The Nasdaq-listed car-sharing company warns that the app is being tested in public beta for now. Aside from booking a vehicle, members can also use the app to check car… Read More

Ford And Zipcar Playmate On Car-Sharing Program For Universities

Ford Motor Company and the leading car-sharing network Zipcar have just announced a partnership that establishes Ford as Zipcar’s largest auto source for Zipcar’s University program. The fresh, two-year alliance will reach students at over two hundred fifty university campuses here in the U.S. Ford will commence shipping its vehicles, primarily the two thousand twelve Ford Concentrate and Ford Escape, to colleges… Read More

ZipCar Shares Up Over 50%, Market Cap Surpasses $1 Billion After IPO

Carsharing service ZipCar began the morning of its IPO trading at $Legitimate a share and is now up to $27.96, a rise of over 50%. Based on its 38.6M total shares this means that it is now a billion dollar company (Congrats ZipCar!). Zipcar has raised $174 million in its IPO , surpassing its original target of $75 million. The Massachusetts-based ZipCar provides it over 560,000 members with… Read More

Zipcar Parks Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman On Its Board Of Directors

Zipcar, a membership-based car-sharing service that enables members to reserve a car via the Web, phone or an iPhone app, this morning announced the addition of former eBay CEO Meg Whitman to its board of directors. She will be substituting long-time Zipcar investor and board member Jim Gerson, who is providing up his seat. Whitman led eBay from one thousand nine hundred ninety eight to 2008. After her tenure, she ran for Governor… Read More

Car-Sharing Service Zipcar Adds $21 Million To Its Coffers

Car-sharing service company Zipcar this morning announced that it has raised $21 million in Series G funding. Meritech Capital Playmates led the round with a $20 million investment, while Pinnacle Ventures contributed the extra $1 million. Zipcar didn’t detail what it plans to do with the fresh capital, other than to say it intends to use the proceeds to fund working capital needs… Read More

TC Teardown: thirteen Ways To Get To $Ten Million In Revenues (Part II)

Editor’s note: This post is the 2nd part of an analysis of different consumer Internet business models by guest author Steven Carpenter. It is suggested that you very first read Part I. Most consumer Internet startups fall into a baker’s dozen of possible business models. In the very first part of this post, I attempted to lay out the three main buckets those business models fall into… Read More

Tesla Stock Idling seven Percent Below IPO Price

After a better-than-expected pop on the very first day of its IPO, Tesla’s stock (under the ticker symbol TSLA) began to slide a few days after. It is now draping seven percent below its initial pricing of $17, closing at $15.80 per share today. Only a week on the market, Tesla’s stock has fluctuated greatly, trading at a high of $30.42 and ripping off to a low of $14.98. While some… Read More

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