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Top ten Most Reliable Car Brands

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J.D. Power just released its annual Vehicle Dependability Investigate (VDS). This closely monitored report gives automakers and consumers a good idea of how well the industry is doing when it comes to quality.

VDS concentrates on long-term reliability by monitoring defects, malfunctions and design-related issues with three-year old vehicles still being driven by their original owners. Dependability is scored in problems per one hundred vehicles. In other words, its a look at the most reliable car brands.

The latest installment of this survey covers issues with cars and trucks from the two thousand twelve model year. It dovetails neatly with the firm’s Initial Quality Examine, which monitors problems reported during the very first three months of ownership.

For two thousand fifteen the folks at J.D. Power have published a number of interesting findings. Not remarkably the most problem-prone areas of today’s vehicles are related to Bluetooth connectivity and voice recognition. Exterior concerns also popped up as did powertrain issues, namely automatic transmission shift quality. Overall one hundred seventy seven specific problems are monitored in this report.

So, how did car companies do overall? Well, here are the ten highest-ranked automakers in the two thousand fifteen J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Examine based on how they fared over a three-year period.

Ten. Chevrolet

Making it in the top ten is Chevrolet. The bow-tie brand ended up with a score of one hundred twenty three problems per one hundred vehicles (tying with GMC), fairly a bit better than the industry average of 147; recall, lower is better, just like LDL cholesterol. The Camaro, Malibu and Silverado nameplates each won an award in their respective segments.

9. Scion

Toyota’s youth-oriented Scion brand may be in the doldrums from a sales standpoint but it’s going places in the quality department. It improved to one hundred twenty one problems per one hundred vehicles, pulling down by thirteen compared to last year’s VDS. Mitsubishi and Ram posted similar improvements, however they didn’t fairly crack the top Ten. Scion’s tC, xB and xD each won an award.

8. Mercedes-Benz

Luxury means complexity, which often translates into cantankerousness and extra maintenance costs. But the folks in Stuttgart have figured out how to avoid having issues with their feature-laden cars and trucks. Mercedes-Benz drove away with a score of just one hundred nineteen problems per one hundred vehicles. Their E-Class was the highest-ranked midsize premium car topping the Lincoln MKS and Infiniti M. The GLK also won top honors among compact premium SUVs.

7. Lincoln

Speaking of Ford’s pseudo-luxury division, Lincoln topped Mercedes by one point, ending up with a score of 118. And while it didn’t win any specific awards its MKS and MKZ sedans performed admirably.

6. Porsche

Arguably Porsche is the quintessential builder of thoroughbred sports cars. Zuffenhausen knows a thing or two about putting smiles on drivers’ faces, they’ve been doing it for decades. According to J.D. Power they’re also champions of sound engineering, posting a score of just one hundred sixteen problems per one hundred vehicles. Like you needed another reason to buy a 911.

Five. Honda

Honda tied Porsche by posting a score of 116. Its boxy Ridgeline was the highest-rated midsize pickup while the Fit and Civic also performed very well. The Capital H has a reputation for quality and they consistently impress day in and day out, year after year.

Four. Cadillac

Way to go, Caddy! GM’s luxury brand topped the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and even Honda with just one hundred fourteen problems per one hundred vehicles, a score that netted the wreath-less crest brand a fourth-place finish. Making this spectacle even more epic is that none of its models won any specific awards, meaning its entire lineup should be performing enormously well.

Three. Toyota

Toyota is always a surefire bet when it comes to quality and two thousand fifteen is no exception. This mainstream brand finished in the No. Three spot with a stellar score of just one hundred eleven problems per one hundred vehicles. Additionally its Corolla compact car and Sienna minivan won their respective categories and slew of other segments had Toyota models on the podium.

Two. Buick

That’s not a Buick! Well actually, it is. The tri-shield brand performed admirably, coming in 2nd place with a score of 110. This is three positions better than it did last year. Underscoring this spectacle, the LaCrosse was the top-rated large car, hitting Toyota’s Avalon and the Ford Taurus, which finished in 2nd and third, respectively.

1. Lexus

Lexus topped all rivals with a jaw-dropping score of just eighty nine problems per one hundred vehicles. That’s an industry-leading spectacle, but what do you expect from Toyota’s luxury division? Their ES was the top-rated compact premium car while the GX was the No. One midsize premium SUV. Their CT and RX were both strong competitor as well. This is the fourth consecutive year Lexus has been the best in J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Investigate.

One other thing worth noting is GM’s overall spectacle. The Detroit-based automaker won seven segment awards, the same number as Toyota. Additionally the results of this explore are based on the responses of more than 34,000 vehicle owners.

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Wow, Buick strike Toyota in reliability and Chevy made the list.

Chevy is certainly a shocker.

I’ve had my Regal three years, and so far not a single problem!

I’d say Lincoln is the shocker. (or Buick)

Buick doesn’t surprise me, their fresh vehicles are exceptionally well made. Porsche is the fattest shocker for me.

Good article. I was astonished to see Chevy, Mercedes, Lincoln, Porsche, Cadillac & Buick on the list.

I wish that Consumer Reports would revisit the meaning of the word “reliability”. Visiting the dealer because you can’t figure out how to pair your bluetooth and sync your contacts might be annoying, but it ain’t “reliability”. Reliability is: You get in your car. You begin it up, it drives to your work or school, you stay dry, your AC and Fever works, and random plastic bits don’t fall off on the way. I have never been stranded by my car, yet by CR’s interpretation, it’s unreliable, because it needed a software update for the infotainment system.

I agree with Alvin. Ford deep throats mainly because of the MyFordTouch continuing issues. But, our ’13 Ford has been superlative. Why? Do as we did with our two thousand thirteen Fusion hybrid: Don’t order it with MyFordTouch if you buy fresh (as most reviewers have cautioned for years) until two thousand sixteen when it’ll be substituted. Their older Sync system, which is standard, works just fine. Captivating, no. Functional & reliable, yes. OK, then got to get aftermarket Nav – go Garmin, no one hammers them and you can stir it around to your other vehicles as needed. Oh yes, back-up camera – ditto several third parties if you indeed need it. BTW – For all the Ford haters, yeah, sure, Ford had to eat crow about forty seven avg mpg fluff, but 42.Trio real world avg mpg, over 25K mi without a single unplanned service, other than a few recalls (uh, check out Honda and Toyota for recalls), and all the spectacle we’ve needed is just fine. Ideal? No, just going in the right direction. Back to Alvin’s comment, it’s time that these reliability reports figure out how to separate drive related issues including safety from convenience issues in the ratings. The current system reminds me all too much of the old BCS college football rating system in that it seems as much BS as a reliable rating. One score alone does not fit all catagories.

lol i have a hard time believing chevy is in the top Ten..

No surprise Lexus wins (again)…they have Toyota’s best assigned to that division. But if you want reliability without the premium price, you can still buy a “regular” Toyota. As for Buick coming in 2nd, it’s obviously a statistical anomaly due to a microscopically petite sample size. And if you think I’m wrong about that, check back here next year.

No VW? half of this cars are not even comerciable in argentina

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