Top Ten: The lightest cars you can buy in 2015, Driving

Top Ten: The lightest cars you can buy in 2015

2015 Toyota Yaris

We count down the ten lightest cars you can buy in two thousand fifteen

Vehicles are stronger than ever before, but there are still some real lightweights you can buy in 2015. Light cars generally fall into two categories: Xxx sports cars or budget subcompact runabouts. There are more of the latter on this list, so instead of blazing horsepower to weight ratios, these cars are all about fuel efficiency and low cost.

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We’ve compiled a list of the ten lightest fresh cars you can buy in Canada in 2015. We chose the lightest version of each model, which usually means opting for the manual transmission where available. A (MT) designates that the weight was achieved with a manual transmission. Weights used are all official manufacturer-stated curb weights.

Ten. Alfa Romeo 4C

1,118 kg/Two,465 lbs

The Alfa Romeo 4C uses extensive carbon fibre construction to achieve a dainty curb weight. Spectacle is obviously the main aim here, as light cars are swifter, more agile and lighter to throw around.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C

1,096 kg/Two,417 lbs

Nissan’s lightweight Versa Note is also light on price, but it’s neither the lightest or cheapest car Nissan makes. It’s decidedly less sporty than the 10th-place Alfa, but much more affordable.

The Nissan Versa Note SR is a sporty little runabout ideal for the urban commute or exploring the countryside.

The Fiat five hundred is nice as a button and as light as a feather. With almost equal power and weight to the Nissan Versa Note, the two would be remarkably evenly matched in a haul race.

2014 Fiat 500C Lounge

1,044 kg/Two,302 lbs

The Micra is the lightest car Nissan makes and it’s tied for the cheapest car on our list. Your $Ten,000 buys you one hundred nine horsepower, good fuel economy and not much else.

2015 Nissan Micra

6. Two thousand fourteen Mazda2 (MT and no AC)

1,043 kg/Two,300 lbs

The two thousand sixteen Mazda two isn’t fairly out yet, so we’re using specs from the two thousand fourteen model. The two thousand fifteen model will be almost all-new and will likely weigh a bit more. Again, joy and fuel efficiency are the main goals here, and the Mazda2 feels remarkably alive when driven enthusiastically.

This is no mere econobox car. The subcompact two thousand fourteen Mazda2 hatchback may lack some luxury creature comforts, but it’s a joy to drive – a Miata in training, if you will.

1,030 kg/Two,315 lbs

The freshly rebodied Yaris looks all fresh, but that flashier styling hides an archaic four-speed automatic. Fortunately, opting for the manual transmission trims off some weight. The Yaris is much lighter than its main competitor, the Honda Fit, but it also comes with a lot less stuff.

2015 Toyota Yaris

Four. Chevrolet Spark (MT)

1,029 kg/Two,269 lbs

The Chevrolet Spark is the most powerful car on our list to have double-digit horsepower. But the Spark’s compact dimensions permit it to park in the tightest of spaces.

This brightly coloured little boy feels right at home in taut, graffiti-lined alleyways.

The Scion iQ is one of the smallest four-seaters ever made and possibly the strangest car in Scion’s lineup. Can you believe it actually fits four people?

Two. Mitsubishi Mirage (MT)

The Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the lightest and least powerful cars on sale today. If you think modern cars are too sophisticated, then this might be the rail for you.

The Mitsubishi Mirage is another vehicle that sells for under $10K and comes with an incredible warranty.

The Wise ForTwo is the 2nd most expensive car on this list behind only the Alfa Romeo 4C. It’s also the least powerful car you can buy fresh today, but, gratefully, it’s also the lightest car at just eight hundred twenty kg.

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